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This guide for new players is taken directly from the Realm of Magic website. Kymon's guide may be found here.

A MUD is a Multi-User Dungeon played over the Internet. People from all over the planet call in to chat, goof around, solve quests, and rape, kill, and murder fictitious beings in dozens of different virtual worlds. Here is a little log, which can help you too.


Well, how do I start?

Easy! First pick a MUD to play in, preferably this one :-). If you are on a UNIX based system type 'telnet 4000'. From there you will see the Realm's Title Screen with the word 'REALM OF MAGIC' written over it along with credits to the creator of Circle MUD and it's father, Diku MUD. You will be asked to input your character's name. Pick a name that's pretty easy to spell but that's original and reflects you. Once you find a name and choose a password for that character you are ready to enter the Realm.

Okay, I'm at the Main Menu. So what do these options mean?

This menu contains seven different listings:

(1) Enter the game. ...self-explanatory.
(2) Enter description. ...what people should see when they look at you.
(3) Read the background story. ...self-explanatory.
(4) What's new. the Mud. Latest informations about implemented things, rules and so on.
(8) Change password. ...for your character. Self-explanatory.
(9) Delete this character. ...self-explanatory.
(0) Exit. ...the Mud. Self-explanatory.

Okay, I'm here.. Now what do I do?

First note that the Mud has on-line help available for any command you don't understand. Type 'help' or 'commands' to get 2 different versions of a list of commands (there is also a help on 'socials'). At any time in the game you can type 'help' followed by the command you need help on to get instructions on it. For now, it is helpful to go through the basic structure of a Mud and how to navigate your way around the different virtual worlds. The Mud is set up as a set of rooms or stops all linked to each other with different cardinal directions branching out. Type 'exits' to get a list of those cardinal directions. In order to travel in a direction type the first letter of the direction. For example, if you wish to travel to a room "east" from you, type 'e'. You will then leave the room you are in and enter that room. Typing 'w' will leave your present room and return you to the room you just left. Learning how to each zone is set up takes a bit of time. You may feel stupid watching people zip through the zone with casual ease. That's because they have lots of practice. It is really easy once you get the hang of it. Soon you too can zip through a zone as other new players slap themselves for not catching on quicker :-) In order to help you navigate your way a little easier there is a map of the Realm available. If you'd like, click here for a copy of that map or go back into the main menu and look at the topics "Cities" and "Service".

Well, what am I supposed to do here?

Your basic goal is to explore the different virtual worlds and find the different creatures waiting to do battle with you. Once you find something in a room type 'con' followed by the name of the thing you wish to kill. Con is short for Consider Killing. The Mud will balance your level along with the level of the creature, called Mobiles ("Mobs" for short), and give you an assessment on IF you will be able to kill it. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE! Be careful what you kill, especially for a first time player. You can die in here!

If you kill the Mobile you were after you will receive experience points for that kill (you can also get rewards by solving online quests). These experience points will help you get closer to the next level making it possible to attack bigger and tougher mobs. After you make a kill, type 'get all corpse'. You will then loot their corpse for everything it's got, gold, meat, armor, weapons, etc. If the sad event that you should prematurely die on the Mud, do not despair! Your equipment is still on the Mud. What you have to do is go to the place you died in. Your bloody corpse will be lying there with your equipment still inside it. Quickly type 'get all corpse'. Some Mobiles remember the people who have tried to attack them, and those Mobiles will seek revenge!

Equipment... What Equipment?

Getting equipment for a new player can be difficult, but not impossible. First, east from the Temple of Midgaard (one of the starting rooms) there is a room called the Midgaard Donation Room. Players who have an object and don't need it can type 'donate' and the object, and it will make that object disappear into the Donation Room so others may get it. To determine whether an object in the Donation Room may be useful, type 'look' followed by the name of the object (this also works on Mobs, other players, and some landmarks that may be in the room according to the description). Looking at an object lets you closely examine it to see what it is and if it might have use to you. The descriptions are sometimes pretty vague, so feel free to ask other players or gossip your question to the entire Mud.

If you see an object you like, type 'get' followed by the name of the object. Remember when you typed 'get all corpse' to get everything from the corpse? That is part of the 'get' command. 'Get', followed by the name of the object will get one particular object. 'Get', followed by 'all' will get everything from the next word, the container. If you say 'get all bag' you will then get everything from a bag. 'Get all corpse' gets everything from a corpse. See?

I'm hungry? I'm thirsty, too?!

The Mud is meant to be a realistic virtual reality adventure, complete with eating and drinking. After a while of killing and exploring you will need some nourishment. A message will pop on saying 'You are hungry', or 'You are thirsty' depending on which you need. If you have food in your inventory (meat, bread, etc) then you're set. Type 'eat' followed by the name of the food. Continue that (usually only twice, depending on the food) until you get the message that 'You are full.'

To quench your thirst first you need to find a fountain of water. There is a fountain south of the Temple of Midgaard. Once you get there type 'drink fountain'. You will then drink the water from the bubbling fountain and quench your thirst. Again, repeat drinking (only twice) until you get the message that 'You are not thirsty anymore.'

There is a way to buy food and water so you don't continually have to go to the fountain to get it. North from the East Gate of Midgaard (see the map above) is Ye Old Water Shoppe. At the shop, type 'list'. That will give you a listing of things available for purchase at that shop. Type 'buy' followed by the name of the item you wish to purchase, in this case 'buy canteen'. The shopkeeper will take the necessary coins from you and give you a canteen. (Coins are on most mobiles you kill.) Now that you have a canteen in your inventory you can drink from it when you need to. Type 'drink canteen' to drink the cool, crisp water.

To buy food go to the Bakery, one room west from the Market Square then one north from there (Main Street). Just as in any shop type 'list' to see a listing of what you can buy. In this case, bread is the best item to purchase. Type 'buy bread' to buy a loaf of bread. Bread is always good to stock up on, so type 'buy (number) bread' will give you that number of breads. Now that you have bread in your inventory you can eat it. Just as before type 'eat bread' to eat it.

There are many shopkeepers in Midgaard and the dozens of other zones in the Realm. At any one of them type 'list' to see what they'll sell to you. Some sell weapons, armor, scrolls and magic potions, and many other objects inside the Realm. Explore some of them and see if you can do business. :-)

Does my character get saved when I return?

Of course it does! When you're ready to return to the real world go to one of the receptionists in the Mud who will allow you to rent your belongings. The one in Midgaard is south from the Temple, one east, and then one room up. While there type 'rent' to store your belongings and leave the Realm. You may get an 'offer' first to check, if you have enough money with you. When renting your belongings will be stored, and your body will be saved until your return to the Realm. You may also cryo-rent instead (in the room north of there), what means that your body will be frozen (in case you would get too old otherwise). Well, now that you have an idea about how to use the Mud the rest will come easy. Just remember that if you have any questions you can ask a player on the Mud!

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