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There are many towns and villages in the Realm. Here is a short list of the largest:

Al'khandriis the elven capital. There is a short story about the city and the island of Do'khania, you might read. The story will tell you more, as this short overview can show.

Fanhir is a village situated at the coast of the coast valley of the same name. It is built on petrified tree trunks from the petrified forest to the north and is sheltered by a big reef from the anger of the ocean. One of the pirate clans living in the village has introduced a thriving and huge market.

Icy Village is located on the Continent Black Death. Nasty monsters live in it. Many adventurers who tried to find their luck there found nothing as dead.

Kerofk the city on the edge. It received its name from the nasty cliff on which it was built. Many brave souls already died there, trying to find out how it feels to bungee without a cable

Midgaard is the oldest city in the Realm. It grew and changed in some parts, so that it isn't the city it was once in old times.

Moonglow is located at the southwestern part of the Eastern Ocean. It is the largest city of the Realm. Many players are living there, (not) knowing the secrets deep under the city. Moonglow is known for his big market, the great library and of his good connections into all parts of the world.

New Sparta was once a peaceful town. But then it was destroyed by the temper of an evil god. A big black pyramid left behind. Those who entered it, never came back.

Ofcol is known for his huge temple. Once if you are there you should also visit the club of the Protectors.

Atalia is the harbour city of Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire. It has all the installations, a roman town has and features many sea links.

Riva is the major capital located on the great Isle of Winds. The Isle of Winds is the main island of the great Western Ocean.

Rodjohn Settlement. The harbor-town of the half-continent Man's End. It has to be explored in the future.

Rome is the capital of the Roman Empire. The time of conquer has been a long time ago and the empire has to fight for what it has. Bread and games are served for the masses in the huge Colosseum and elsewhere to satisfy them and to keep them calm.

Serwood Village is located on the western part of the Continent Omelos on the Western Ocean. It's said, that if you visit this town, you need to visit its famous church.

Shire is the home land of the Halflings, who are easily mistaken with small and yet bearded children. The whole area is filled with homes build into the earth and thus the whole area makes a rather rural or even uninhabited expression.

Sodom the city of dead and pain. Once it was a peaceful city with nice citizens. But after an evil spell hit the city all turned into dark twilight. The city is ruled by the demon god Malifon now.

Thalos the lost city. It's located in the southwestern part of the big Great Eastern Desert. There are many rumors what happened to the city. A story is telling that a demon, named Bhaal destroyed Thalos.

Troll City is a town deep within the Land of Black Death. There are some rumors about the city, but no one knows, which are true and which not.

Fukushu Village is a small fishing village on Iaitanto Island which suffers greatly under the civil war raging on there.

There are some smaller cities and villages left in the Realm, but all are in the hands of wild beasts. It's the task of coming generations to fight them back.

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