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Dwarves are a race of small beings who display a remarkable amount of strength. They are not as dexterous and fast as most other races but can take quite some damage in battle.

Some dwarves maintain the ability to throw up corrosive vomit after heavy alcohol consumption. This tactic is particularly effective in the heat of battle.

Dwarves are mortal enemies of the Goblins, Elves and Giants, but make terrific companions for Halflings.

Dwarves live in the Dwarven Kingdom, the Dwarven Town and Serwood Village in the northern part of the island of Omelos. It is rumored that a silver hall in the mountains north of the Shire was once a Dwarven stronghold.

Famous Dwarves

Three of the most famous dwarves are Greater God Olorin and the gangster Cumur.

Dwarf Families

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