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Elves tend to be more intelligent but weaker than humans. Their magical nature makes them excellent magic users. Elves move with an above average ease and speed, but are known to have less hit points than humans. Some of them have infravision.

The EE or Elite Elves is a group of some of the most powerful elves in the Realm.

The Elven home land is the island of Do'khania with the capital at Al'khandriis. Elves may also be found in the Elven Kingdom, located northeast of Moonglow.



In ancient times, shortly after the creation of the world, the Firstborn, the Elves as they are called, were brought by the Gods to the Island of Do'khania, where they lived and played for the God's pleasure. After the Elves there came the other races, more violent in nature, because they were corrupted in heart, some more some less, by the evil god Necron. And some of these races were granted the curse of 'war' by Necron. And war they brought upon the innocent Firstborn.

But those had the gift of magic, and the learned how to use it, first in defensive ways, like making barriers, then the elves learned how to strike back, by bending the forces of nature to their will. But the other races were to large in number. So Do'khania had to be evacuated.

They elves brought their princess, the 'Lady of the Sun' to a secret place, now known as the Elven Kingdom. But as they had not enough time to bring all of Do'khania's inhabitants to safety, the elven mages decided to make a final step: they created a gigantic magic barrier around the whole island. While centuries passed by, the Island was undisturbed from all that, which happened in the rest of the world.

But soon the culture of Do'khania became more and more decadent, as their capital of Al'khandriis shows, because the elves were separated from the guiding hand of their 'Lady of the Sun'.

After some time, the mages of Do'khania were unable to uphold the magic barrier, as the last archmage of that island died a violent death. The first to rediscover Do'khania and its capital city were scumbags from Fanhir. They found a place, suiting their purposes, because prostitutes were cheap, drugs easy to achieve. When the 'Lady of the Sun' now residing in the Elven Kingdom, heard of the fate of Do'khania she began to weep, and her stream of tears has not ended yet.

Elvish Breeds

Although all elves hail from the island of Do'khania, there exists three major strains of pure elves separated by time and geography.

High Elves

All elves once belonged to this dominant strain of elfkind. High Elves, the most common breed of elves, dwell in stone buildings. High Elves tend to be good aligned and often join the cleric, mage and warrior guilds.

The majority of High Elves may be found in either their capital city of Al'khandriis or the Elven Kingdom of Omelos.

The Grey Elves of Shakynor are a sub-strain of the High Elves.

Wood Elves

Wood elves live in the many forests of the Realm. They are known for their fantastic archery skills, but often can also make terrific magicians. The druid guild is another popular profession among the wood elves. The few remaining wild wood elves like to maintain low profiles.

The Vale of Aldur was once a wood elf sanctuary.

The Dryads of the Isle of Trees may very well be distant cousins of the Wood Elves.

Dark Elves

There are rumors that dark elf drows exist in remote areas of Do'khania and the Underground. These elves are known to be allied with the dark magics.

Famous Elves

Cagney Ashrii

Lilith Carcawen

Majere Elessedil

Teddy Lupin

Ardent Ri'ilenna

Jilani Relelhart

Shane Schofield

Gordt Te Raa

Danlo wi Soli Ringess

Elven Families








wi Soli Ringess

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