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There are a lot of places in the Realm which are famous and which are telling an own story. Notice that this list isn't complete, or will ever become complete, cause of the great amount of zones we have.


The Stone-Rings.

The stone-rings are coming from a time, which is lying far away in the past. There are sagas about beings called the Avatar, the Guardian and Lord British. Other stories are telling, that the stone-rings are parts of the being we live on: The Earth. It's said, that the Earth is nothing as an own living organism, which is living in symbiosis with creatures, which are living in the earth. No one did ever saw them, but there are rumors about strange magical methods they use. Many mortals awake in the morning, believing that they was visited in their dreams by this creatures.

The sagas about the stone-rings are big. But even more surprising is the power of the stone-rings at those who found out their secret. Explorers found out, that there are 16 stone-rings and 8 colored stones in the world. There must be a kind of connection between these stones: Once you pat the right colored stone in a stone-ring, the colored stone vanishes in a puff of smoke and you'll be teleported to another stone-ring. Using another stone can bring you back, or just to another stone-ring.

Froboz, the mage, made the theory, that there is a kind of energy hiding in these colored stones, which will be used for every teleport. Cause of this, so Froboz, the stones disappear, if using them. But it's still a miracle, why all other stones of the same color will vanish out of the inventory too, if the user don't protect them in a bag.

The 16 stone-rings are divided about all known parts of the world. You'll find them at the Elven Kingdom, near Moonglow, in the Demon Space, at destroyed mansions and at places where no mortal ever was.

Explorers who find out the secret ways, each colored stones opens, will be able to reach fast every place in the world, without needing the help of a rifter or summoner.

The Troll City.

-- the sad story of the demise of a culture --

A long time ago lived in the mountains from a far away country a peaceful tribe of humanoid creatures. Those creatures were unlike any of the humanoids known today. They had a flourishing culture and everyone was happy.

Until one day disaster hit the tribe. A terrible disease broke loose killing hordes of those people.Their scholars and magicians studied for months but in vain. They did not succeed in finding a cure. When the news got public panic overwhelmed the city.

Then a stranger reached the city telling that he had a cure, but it would cost a lot and for the cure to be successful one needed to go and live underground. Sunlight would be fatal for the healing function of the medicine. Soon there were 2 camps: one for buying the medicine and the other against. The arguments became more and more intense until a civil war broke lose between the few remaining survivors of the disease. The pro buying camp one won and bought the vaccine with the blood of the conquered. The stranger disappeared with his newly earned cash and souls

So the people moved away into the caves and fought of the disease with the help of the medicine. After this they wanted to go back to the surface to enjoy the sunlight again. But the cure had changed them and they couldn't stand sunlight anymore. So they decided to move deeper into the caves and they built a city there. So a few years went by and after a while the lack of sunlight started to eat on them. They became paranoid and distrust full to each other and to outsiders. So every visitor to the city was brutally slaughtered and many wars were fought in the years to come Now much , much later this City is known as Troll City. So when you visit this kingdom of paranoia and you see Nethmurta selling his picks or Elient selling his food, beware and realize that whoever bans the sunlight out his life bans his Heart.......


In ancient times, shortly after the creation of the world, the Firstborn, the elves as they are called, were brought by the Gods to the Island of Do'khania, where they lived and played for the God's pleasure. After the elves there came the other races, more violent in nature, because they were corrupted in heart, some more some less, by the evil god Necron. And some of these races were granted the curse of 'war' by Necron. And war they brought upon the innocent Firstborn.

But those had the gift of magic, and the learned how to use it, first in defensive ways, like making barriers, then the elves learned how to strike back, by bending the forces of nature to their will. But the other races were to large in number. So Do'khania had to be evacuated.

They elves brought their princess, the 'Lady of the Sun' to a secret place, now know as the Elven Kingdom. But as they had not enough time to bring all of Do'khania's inhabitants to safety, the elven mages decided to make a final step: they created a gigantic magic barrier around the whole island. While centuries passed by, the Island was undisturbed from all that, which happened in the rest of the world.

But soon the culture of Do'khania became more and more decadent, as their capital of Al'khandriis shows, because the elves were separated from the guiding hand of their 'Lady of the Sun'.

After some time, the mages of Do'khania were unable to uphold the magic barrier, as the last archmage of that island died a violent death. The first to rediscover Do'khania and its capital city were scumbags from Fanhir. They found a place, suiting their purposes, because prostitutes were cheap, drugs easy to achieve. When the 'Lady of the Sun' now residing in the Elven Kingdom, heard of the fate of Do'khania she began to weep, and her stream of tears has not ended yet...

The Stones of G'Harne.

During the early times of the Realm of Magic a place of mystery and horror was used for worshiping by the followers of darkness. The leader of them was the High-Priest G'harne. To protect their treasures he enslaved a demonic creature of the underearth. He ordered a prison to be built to hold this pet. Eight tall monoliths of an unknown element were erected. They had the color of the night and stood firm to keep the worm. These stones were named after the High-Priest and thus called the Stones of G'harne. Amidst the stones the cult of G'harne placed a huge altar. Then they built a hideout for their beast. Gruesome rituals were held at this place. Every full moon a young woman would be sacrificed. This ritual was to satisfy the hunger of Shudde-M'ell, the worm of the cult.

But soon the cult hungered for even more power. The High-Priest used spells and rituals, which should enslave the worm to comply outside of it's prison. At this day Shudde-M'ell was angry, because the requested sacrifice as not an elven virgin as he wished. As the High-Priest made a mistake and called lightning across the lands, one bolt struck a monolith and destroyed it. Screaming in agony the crowd around the altar panicked as the worm sated it's appetite on the members of the cult itself.

This is the way the legend tells. We have no idea if the beast is still alive. But rumors keep citizens of Ofcol away from the ancient path. Also Ofcol has formidable cityguards to protect the citizens from evil. If you don't believe me, dare to seek out the truth about the rumors about a ravaging monster near Ofcol.

Iaitanto Island

Iaitanto is a huge isle to be found in the south-western part of the great Western Ocean. In ancient times, when the gods still walked the world as mere children, a mighty demon ascended from hell, claiming the island to be his own. The demon's name was Iaitanto.

Descending from the heavens, meeting this challenge, was Senshikaze, the Immortal Warrior of the Wind. They fought for a long time, which we mortals would call millenia. Senshikaze called upon his mighty sword, the 'Comb', and where it hit the island, the Canyon of Winds can be found today. The battle raged on, and after a while Senshikaze emerged victorious.

He then looked upon the island, and let mortal beings settle there. And at Senshikaze's side came two other gods, Ryuginko and Chibikami, to aid him in making Iaitanto a beautiful place to live in.

For centuries the people of Iaitanto Island grew and prospered. But then something more powerful than a demon cast a shadow upon the island again: human greed. Tear-Silver, the most precious material of the Realm, was found in the mountains of Iaitanto. And a civil war errupted around the possession of that metal, raging on to the present day...

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