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To survive the many dangers the Realm has hidden for you, you have to be able to defend yourself. Fighting without proper clothing, which protects every vulnerable spot of your body, is senseless. So go to your closest tailor or armor shop and get yourself equipped. Then you need a suitable weapon, fitting your purposes. Do you prefer more damage in combat, or do you need a weapon, which can easily be placed in one opponent's neck? All these are topics you have to preconceive, before start slashing evil monsters.

If you have all the proper equipment now, find yourself a fitting opponent. How to find one? There is no recipe for that, but try all his strengths and weaknesses before engaging. The best way to overcome foes of awesome strength is to find heroes of about equally powers than you have. Let a warrior, who is healthier than any other class, fight in the first line, while mages may cast spells at the opponent prior combat to weaken him, and a cleric may cast spells upon the warrior to strengthen him. Then, while battle rages on, the warrior endures all the damage taken. A mage can easily bend the forces of nature to his will, and harm the opponent directly, while the cleric eases the wounds of the noble warrior.

But what if you can't find any heroes to join your group?

  • Mages, being able to bend the will of innocent creatures, may let those creatures fight for them.
  • Clerics, through their God's protection and their ability of healing, may heal their wounds faster as they get them. Therefore they may fight their opponents, without fear.
  • Warriors, well, they close their eyes and just charge, knowing that in a berserking battle frenzy they can give AND take much damage.
  • Thieves just sneak behind their opponents back and place a dagger there. And before their foe realizes what happened they are gone again.

Now, noble hero, I taught you all about battle that I know of. May you be able to defend yourself well enough.


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