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Nations are clusters of cities and territories within the boundaries of the larger entity. While such political boundaries are not into the design of the MUD, they are useful for quests and quest series, as battles may enact the constant shifts of boundaries. Such nations include a complex web of alliances, historical animosities and player allegiances. While many cities and most zones do not belong to a particular nation, they may experience influence from one of the several nations or be subject to an invasion and occupation.


The Nations

The Kingdom of Britannica: Under the leadership of King Arthur, Britannica remains an independent cluster of castles and the town of Camelot.

The Kingdom of the Old World: The Kingdom of the Old World led by King Welmar includes the city of New Midgaard along with its tributary regions and towns, including the Shire, Innsmouth and the Grassy Land.

The Pirate Confederacy: The confederacy is a traditional web of piracy based in the villages of Fanhir and Black Harbour. It is rumored that the pirates of Moonglow are also part of this league.

The Roman Empire: Stretching from Atalia and Rome north to Friesgard and the Miden'Nir, the Roman Empire is currently on a path of expansion toward the Old World.

The United Kingdoms and States of Omelos: The UKSO is a union of allies on the continent of Omelos. It includes the city of Moonglow, the Dwarven Kingdom, the Elven Kingdom, the towns of Ofcol, Kerofk and Serwood Village as well as the Geck village of Rodavi.

The Western Alliance: The Western Alliance is a group of like-minded states in the Western Ocean and Islands.

Minor Autonomous Groups

The Gauls and Normans of the Old World (currently occupied by the Roman Empire)

The Various Civilizations of the Underdark

The Undead of Southern Thera: includes Darkheim, Weremak, the Titty Twister and Sodom.

The Trolls of Troll City

The Draconians: includes Draconia and Castle Dragon.

The Orcs South of Moonglow

The Kingdom of Mahn-Tor

The Demons of the Demon Space

Queen Sara's Castle and Lands

The Celts of the Saliran Valley

The Lamias of Thalos (currently occupied by the Roman Empire)

and many more...

Alliances and Rivalries

                   Britannica   Old World    Pirates       Roman Empire  UKSO         Western Alliance
Britannica             -         Suspicious   No Relation   Suspicious    Suspicious   Friendly
Old World                    Occupied     by     the     Roman     Empire
Pirates             No Relation  Enemy           -          Enemy         Enemy        Mortal Enemy
Roman Empire        Friendly     Patron       Enemy             -         Ally         Ally
UKSO                Friendly     Ally         Enemy         Ally              -        Neutral
Western Alliance    Friendly     Ally         Mortal Enemy  Ally          Neutral        -

Current Events

  • The Roman Empire defeated and conquered the Kingdom of the Old World.
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