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The Old World is a continent located in the northeast of the known Realm of Magic. The continent borders the Eastern Ocean to the west, the continent of Black Death to the north and Thera to the south. The Old World's capital is Midgaard, the former capital of the Realm and home of the quest shop. Other famous areas on the continent include the city of Innsmouth, the Shire, the minotaur fortress of Mahn-Tor and the Grassy Lands. Compared to other continents, the Old World is heavily forested and adventurers should keep an eye open for wolves and other wild beasts.

The Old World is the home to several unique races, the Centaurs of Centaur Fields, the Minotaurs, the Goblins of Miden'Nir, the Halflings as well as human groups of Gauls, Nords, Normans and Romans from the continent of Thera.

Many of the Realm's builtin-quests may be found in and around the city of Midgaard or out in the Shire. For transportation, a coach service operates between Midgaard and Innsmouth, while air ships, Stone Rings and ship service connects people and commerce with other continents. While the road to the continent of Black Death is dangerous and should only be attempted by experienced players, the road from Midgaard to Rome is rather safe and partly patrolled by the Roman legions.


List of Zones

North of Midgaard
West of Midgaard
East of Midgaard
South of Midgaard
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