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Omelos is a large island continent set between the Western and the Eastern Ocean. The continent lies at the heart of the Realm of Magic and is believed to be its centre. Its capital is Moonglow, a large city with a vibrant temple and many shops. On Omelos can be found a large variety of areas, some of them underground. Apart from Moonglow there are several smaller towns, with temples and harbours like in Ofcol. In many other parts of the island the coast is rather lined with rocks and cliffs and thus quite dangerous. In the very middle of the island forest dominates, with just a couple of mountains rising up north of it.

On Omelos a couple of known races reside, the fair Elven Kingdom near to the coast is here as well as the Dwarven Catacombs, deep in the mountains. Far away from both their abodes, on the southern side of Moonglow, a population of Orcs roams. Others can be found, as Trolls and, of course, humans. Thus the continent is a daring mixture in itself, just like its much visited capital.

For Newbies and Oldbies alike there are lots of builtin-quests, some of them in Moonglow, some in other parts of the continent. The transportation net is quite good on the eastern side of the island, with coaches, ships, Stone Rings and even the air-ships in Kerofk. On the western side of the island travelling is more dangerous, with much less transportation and sometimes not even clear roads.


List of Zones

City of Moonglow
Surrounding Moonglow
Southern Omelos
Rural Omelos
Dwarven Area
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