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The policy is divided into four sections.


The Policy

The policy consists of some rules which must be obeyed under all circumstances. It describes the minimal expected behavior that the players have to show. These rules are there to let the majority of the people here have fun, to foster socializing with others and to keep this game - it is a game after all - fair for everyone. Roleplay is no excuse for disregarding the policy! Not having read or understood the policy is no excuse either! Interpretation and and especially stretching of these rules is not up to you! The enforcement is the matter of the elder gods (immortals above God-Level) and can be done by severe punishments up to deletion of characters and banning of sites i.e. exclusion from the Realm.

The Rules:

  1. It is forbidden to harm the Mud's integrity as program, game and society on purpose.
     Examples for those actions:
         * - excessive harm wrought on others
         * - picking on newbies
         * - make the mud a political forum
         * - spreading radical thoughts or discriminating ideas in general
         * - sexual harassment
         * - crashing the mud
         * - abusing bugs or features 
     The punishments for those actions are most likely to be severe! As a guideline avoid
     any excessive behaviour and any behaviour you wouldn't like either if you were the
     victim of it.

  2. Crimes which are not subject of the policy may be dealt with by a mortal law system,
     which is applicable to mortals only. The mortal law can be changed by the mortal folk
     in that way: They have to make a public proposal to change the law at least a week in
     advance, writing it on to the mortal board. This is followed by a common vote. Any
     law which is against the policy is nullified.

  3. It is not allowed to have more than one character on the mud at any one time or to
     use any other possibility to give help to a character with another e.g. handing over
     eq and money directly or via third persons, preparing mobs for easier fight, creating
     characters to store equipment etc.. This rule is there to foster grouping and to keep
     the game fair.

  4. The language of the mud is ENGLISH. So don't use any other language on the public
     channels and boards, too.

  5. It's forbidden to give established characters away to others, or to share one
     character with another player. This is to maintain the identity of a player behind
     the character and for roleplay.

  6. It is forbidden to have a character played entirely by an automated client program/
     script (otherwise known as robots). The main reason is that this is considered
     detrimental to the social environment in the long run. 

The Mudiquette

The mudiquette describes how the players should behave in the best manner. It is not binding, but according to the POLICY, disobeying the mudiquette can bring consequences, if it happens often or in a serious way.

The Mudiquette:

  • The main aim of this mud, is to have fun and let others have fun too.
  • Everyone should have the chance to play the role s/he wants to play, if his role doesn't keep other from player their role.
  • If you have 'fun' with others, make sure that your victim will see it as fun too! If someone makes nonsense, he has to repair the 'damage' s/he made.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own actions.
  • If the roleplaying (e.g. the membership of the order assassins) demands to do some evil things, the player has to be punished by the mortal law, if caught. But if s/he over does it, it could be possible that he will damage the integrity of the mud. (See above)
  • If you have the feeling that you were treated unfairly, open your mouth! For this reason the boards and judges exist in the game. Do this at once, and not a few days later...
  • The political climate the Gods desire in this little world can be concluded by the words newbie-friendly, democratic, clear, sensible, and maybe happy. This means, more precisely, that we want the players to give other players help within sensible ranges, for example by telling them how to eat, or bringing them to their corpses.
  • Use reasonable language, not far from the language you use in Real Life. If you use bad language, other people will try to do 'better' than you, by using worse language. You can generally not foresee what will happen to the climate of the world due to a single action you do, so you're recommended to act as cautious as possible. If you're friendly, other beings will probably become friendlier, even if that happens very slow.
  • The Gods should try to listen and to answer to the uttering of the mortals, if the questions are reasonable.
  • Failures can also be made by immortals. They will try to repair it, but only, if it's really proven, that damage happened. Damage is, if stats of items or mobs were changed.
  • Be sure to use the correct communication channel
         for very important things, can be used on Level 1 
         if you want to tell everyone how the weather is 
         for player to player communication 
         for questions about your guild 
         room communication 
         zone communication (if you lost your comrades) 
         for comms between the group, works when sleeping, too. 
         If you want to sell something. 
         For communication with the Administration. 
         for comms between ordermembers 

Using woldwide channels for minor reasons may be very annoying to players who experience lag or to immortals who are creating. Spamming the channels is tolerated, if you spam two or three times, but if spam too much, it annoys everyone

Remember there are living, feeling, human beings sitting behind the terminals, who are probably trying to flee the cruel real world right now. Don't make their virtual lives a horrortrip, too. Act wisely everytime, and if you can't, log off and sleep or do some nice thing with your beloved.

The Immortal Law

The immortal law describes the rules the immortals must follow. The GrGods and Implementors will enforce the laws if needed. The immortal laws are directed only to the immortals, not to the mortals. Once the laws are implemented, they can be changed or/and complemented by the elders (>=Level 46).

The Laws:

  1. The handbook has to be obeyed!
  2. The lower immortals do not have any administrating rights. It's the task of the
     higher gods to enforce the policy and/or the mudiquette. Only in special
     extraordinary situations are they are allowed to keep players from damaging the
     integrity of the mud.
  3. You are responsible for everything you do! So if you act foolishly, you have to
     pay the consequences. Denying your actions will be treated as damaging the integrity.
  4. We try to have a democratic climate here in immortal spheres. But if necessary, you
     have to accept the hierarchy. We don't want that you go around and curse the
     administration, but sometimes it has to be heard, exept if an immortal has to be
  5. If you think something goes wrong, you have to say this! No-one is allowed to punish
     you, only cause you said your thoughts {and it goes along with the integrity/policy}
  6. Beneath the handbook you have also follow the words of the wise priest (room #1209). 

The Mortal Law

See Mortal Law.


Thank you for reading this ...

   - The Administration -

PS: If you happen to encounter a person violating the policies, please inform the Administration about this. The Implementors and Greater Gods will take care of the problem.

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