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The stone-rings are coming from a time, which is lying far away in the past. There are sagas about beings called the Avatar, the Guardian and Lord British. Other stories are telling, that the stone-rings are parts of the being we live on: The Earth. It's said, that the Earth is nothing as an own living organism, which is living in symbiosis with creatures, which are living in the earth. Noone did ever saw them, but there are rumors about strange magical methods they use. Many mortals awake in the morning, believing that they was visited in their dreams by this creatures.

The sagas about the stone-rings are big. But even more surprising is the power of the stone-rings at those who found out their secret. Exploreres found out, that there are 16 stone-rings and 8 colored stones in the world. There must be a kind of connection between these stones: Once you pat the right colored stone in a stone-ring, the colored stone vanishes in a puff of smoke and you'll be teleported to another stone-ring. Using another stone can bring you back, or just to another stone-ring.

Froboz, the mage, made the theory, that there is a kind of energy hiding in these colored stones, which will be used for every teleport. Cause of this, so Froboz, the stones disappear, if using them. But it's still a miracle, why all other stones of the same color will vanish out of the inventory too, if the user don't protect them in a bag.

The 16 stone-rings are devided about all known parts of the world. You'll find them at the Elven Kingdom, near Moonglow, in the Demon Space, at destroyed mansions and at places where no mortal ever was.

Explorers who find out the secret ways, each colored stones opens, will be able to reach fast every place in the world, without needing the help of a rifter or summoner.

Stone Ring Travel Map

(RL date: Mon, March 16, 1998)

The sixteen stone rings and their connections:
(in alphabetical order)

1. Al'khandriis                 2. Atalia
----------------                ---------
red    : The Stone Ring (15)    blue    : Elven Kingdom (5)
blue   : The Stone Ring (15)    black   : Elven Kingdom (5)
maroon : Icy Plains (7)
white  : Man's End (9)

3. Demon Space                  4. Draconia
--------------                  -----------
red    : Walhalla (16)          blue    : Kerofk
blue   : Walhalla (16)          black   : Kerofk (8)
maroon : Moonglow (11)          green   : The Castle (14)
grey   : Midgaard (10)          white   : Elven Kingdom (5)

5. Elven Kingdom                6. Iaitanto
----------------                -----------
yellow : Kerofk (8)             yellow  : Midgaard (10)
blue   : The Castle (14)        red     : Demon Space (3)
black  : The Castle (14)        blue    : Midgaard (10)
white  : Moonglow (11)          white   : Al'khandriis (1)

7. Icy Plains                   8. Kerofk
-------------                   ---------
red    : Man's End (9)          yellow  : Walhalla (16)
blue   : Man's End (9)          blue    : Al'khandriis (1)
maroon : Demon Space (3)
green  : Draconia (4) (4)

9. Man's End                    10. Midgaard
------------------              ------------
red    : Riva (12)              yellow  : Draconia (4) (4)
blue   : Riva (12)              blue    : Moonglow (11)
green  : Icy Plains (7)         black   : Moonglow (11)
white  : Walhalla (16)          grey    : Thalos (13)

11. Moonglow                    12. Riva
-------------------             --------
blue   : Atalia (2)             yellow  : Iaitanto (6)
black  : Atalia (2)             red     : Al'khandriis (1)
maroon : Al'khandriis (1)       blue    : Al'khandriis (1)
white  : Al'khandriis (1)

13. Thalos                      14. The Castle
----------                      --------------
blue   : Demon Space (3)        blue    : Draconia (4)
black  : Midgaard (10)          black   : Draconia (4)
grey   : Demon Space (3)        green   : Man's End (9)
white  : Draconia (4) (4)

15. The Stone Ring              16. Walhalla
------------------              ------------
red    : Iaitanto (6)           yellow  : Riva (12)
blue   : Iaitanto (6) (6)       red     : Icy Plains (7)
grey   : Thalos (13)            blue    : Icy Plains (7)
                                white   : Thalos (13)

The numbers in the brackets are just for ease of finding the
city in the list.

Following here are some 'travel lines' named by the colour of
the stone you need to go through them (thus, if you start at
Midgaard, and pat blue stones five times, you get to Draconia):

1. BLUE                 2. BLACK                3. YELLOW
-------                 --------                ---------
Iaitanto                Thalos                  Elven Kingdom
Midgaard                Midgaard                Kerofk
Moonglow                Moonglow                Walhalla
Atalia                  Atalia                  Riva
Elven Kingdom           Elven Kingdom           Iaitanto
The Castle              The Castle              Midgaard
Draconia                Draconia                Draconia
Kerofk                  Kerofk                  -> here it ends
Al'khandriis            -> here it ends
The Stone Ring
-> back to Iaitanto

4. RED                  5. MAROON               6. GREEN
------                  ---------               --------
Iaitanto                Demon Space             Man's End
Demon Space             Moonglow                Icy Plains
Walhalla                Al'khandriis            Draconia
Icy Plains              Icy Plains              The Castle
Man's End               -> back to Demon Space  -> back to Man's End?
The Stone Ring
-> back to Iaitanto

7. GREY                 8. WHITE
-------                 --------
The Stone Ring          Iaitanto
Thalos                  Al'khandriis
Demon Space             Man's End
Midgaard                Walhalla
-> back to Thalos       Thalos
As you can see, you     Elven Kingdom
can get into this       Moonglow
route from the Stone    -> back to [Al'khandriis]]
Ring, but it doesn't
lead back there.        Same here with Iaitanto
                        as with the Stone Ring.

This list should be complete. There are (until now) no other
stones than the ones I have used above.
There are (until now) only the sixteen stone rings described
This realm, however, is changing constantly. Should something
change regarding the stone circles, please mud-mail me or
e-mail me at so I can update it.

That's all there is to know about this topic right now.
Just one thing:
All the above zones are now open to ANYBODY who can afford
to buy the needed stones. I warn all newbies now that they
might enter a zone where they don't even stand a CHANCE of
surviving. Proceed with caution and enter at your own risk.

Jhelom the Gentleorc, Master of the Stone Rings, as of this writing
Sho-Sho of the Ryushichi.
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