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Thera is a continent located east of the Eastern Ocean and south of the Old World. The continent is the home of the Roman Empire, Queen Sara's dominion and regions ruled by the vampires. The capital of Thera and the Roman Empire is Rome, but Atalia, Rome's port, is by far the largest city on the continent. Other than Rome and Atalia, cities and towns on the continent include Downtown, Sodom, Weramak, Thalos, Darkheim, a raided village north of Darkheim and a village north of Rome.

Most of Thera's inhabitants are humans, but the undead maintain a strong presence in many of Thera's cities. Towns such as Sodom and Weramak are controlled almost solely by the undead or forces of darkness. Thalos is the home of the Realm's Lamias.

Some of the continents attractions includes the Great Pyramid in the Great Eastern Desert, the Roman Bathhouse in Rome and the Desert Castle in the south. Transportation by ship is available between Atalia and other continents. Some coaches are available, but walking is the most common form of transportation on the continent.


List of Zones

Atalia and Surroundings

Rome and Surroundings

Sodom and Surroundings

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