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The Western Ocean and Islands is a region and cluster of islands located west of Omelos, east of Xanth and southwest of Black Death. The regions most famous islands include the Isle of Winds, Do'khania, Iaitanto and the Isle of Trees. The human capital of the Western Ocean is Riva South, Isle of Winds, ruled by King Belgarion. Do'khania is the home of many of the Realm's Elves. Iaitanto, controlled by Daimyo Tadashiro Matsudaira, is the Realm's Japan. The Isle of Trees is the home of dryads and an infamous lava monster that shows up in quite a few builtin-quest. Unlike the Eastern Ocean, the Western Ocean is storm-free and relatively aggressive monster-free, making travel between the islands quite easy.

Immortal Patron: Tsabo


List of Zones

The Isle of Winds
Island of Do'khania
The Isle Iaitanto
The Isle of Trees
Islands near Xanth
The Ocean
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